As usual, 18th C. scientific translator Claudine Picardet's work was initially credited to her male colleagues.

October 2022

When suspicion falls on midwife Margaret Jones, she becomes the first victim of the Massachusetts Bay Colony's witch trials

August 2022

The unlikely life of Lady Florence Dixie

July 2022

A reading list of pieces I've written about the history of reproductive autonomy.

June 2022

Considering quack doctors and trans history in Georgian England through the case of Charles Hamilton

May 2022

María Orosa, Filipino food technologist and freedom fighter

April 2022

Alma LeVant Hayden, the first Black scientist at the FDA, busts the Krebiozen scam

March 2022

Women in White Coats, now in paperback

February 2022

Empowered with MDs, women of color often helped their own communities.

January 2022

The mysterious Martine Bertereau, Baroness de Beausoleil.

December 2021

Dorothy Lavinia Brown accumulates an impressive collection of firsts.
Women as the first mathematicians, the first agriculturists.